Susie speaks at Conferences, Schools, Libraries, Churches, Book Groups, Civic Events, and so forth. Her presentations are customized for each audience.

Five Years of Recovery and Discovery
 Following a Traumatic Brain Injury
for All Ages

After Susie was hit by a speeding SUV while walking through a parking lot, her doctors marveled at the miraculous outcome: scrapes, bruising and a minor concussion. Susie was beyond grateful to be alive, but soon discovered that the doctors didn't tell her a few things. For instance, that her brain could possibly start cycling through symptoms of chronic fatigue, bi-polar disorder, memory loss, PTSD, brain fog, major depression, executive function disorder, social anxiety, and OCD. And that she might never return to her "pre-accident" self.

In this powerful presentation, Susie details recovery experiences filled with heartache, grief, faith, hope, confusion, anger, clarity, and gratitude. Her insights into mental illness, learning and emotional difficulties could only b

Susie's unique perspective could only be acquired through the first-hand experience of someone whose brain functioned basically one way for 42 years, 

Some Make You Laugh, Some Make You Cry
Either Way It's Time for You to Try
for All Ages

Have you ever sat down to write and felt like you may as well be nailing Jell-O to a wall? Susie totally understands - that used to happen to her daily. Now, it only happens every day. (Wait, what?) Luckily, Susie has learned from her much hammering.

In this presentation, Susie shares writing ideas, methods, motivation, ideas prompts, pats on the back, encouragement, more ideas (you get the idea). She'll make you laugh (with hilarious stories), she'll make you cry (with poignant stories), and you'll decide it's time for you to try (writing your very own stories).

How to Unleash the Inner Reader in Kids
(including Teens - no joke) and Why It's So Very Important
for Parents and Educators

In a presentation both educational and entertaining, Susie details compelling research, data and examples supporting the premise that reading should absolutely be a top priority for kids. And because motivating kids to read can be a little tricky, Susie provides a variety of "reading motivation tactics" (a.k.a. bribes - possibly - you be the judge). Susie also shares a terrific list of 'Favorite Kid/Teen Books' garnered from a nationwide parent poll.

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