I’ve had the opportunity to attend classes and a formal presentation by Susie. I’ve also read a lot of her writing, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. She clearly has a gift with words.  Whether it’s in a presentation or on the written page, Susie is able to capture her audience, keep them engaged, and inspire them to critically think and re-think about things in a different way. Her wit and humor are unparalleled and her passion for teaching is evident in her deliberate and poised delivery.  As a reader, I feel like she is able to see inside my thoughts and articulate them in a beautiful way that leaves me feeling understood and validated.  And the same is true when she speaks. She is able to make me ponder deeply and laugh out loud, all in one class!
- Mackenzie Brasher            

Susie is blessed with the ability to aggregate large and complex amounts of information and somehow articulate that information into something straightforward, clever and engaging. She has the unique ability to unlock what most of us are feeling, but struggle communicating. I would engage her services on any subject for any medium of communication.
- Darrin Peterson, CEO, LifeSeasons

Susie, I love your column. I laugh and cry and relate. Thank you!

Another enjoyable read by Susie Boyce. Amidst all the negative news it's refreshing to be able to laugh while relating so well to the feelings and experiences she so skillfully describes.

Everything you write makes me want to hang out with you.

You make me laugh and cry in less than five minutes.

This is hilarious! Love your writing!

I just read you blog and feel compelled to tell you: I love you!

This made me laugh all the way through - been there and done that.

Thanks for writing such an inspiring piece - the news is usually filled with depressing stories, so when I read yours it made me happy.

Susie, I loved hearing you at 'For the Love of Reading' conference. You did a great job and inspired many!

The real-life experiences [in your presentation] were touching and relatable.

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