Thursday, March 15, 2018

Professional Bio: Darrin Peterson, Founder and CEO of Life Seasons

Professional Bio for Darrin Peterson, Founder and CEO of

Darrin Peterson is a game changer.

He changed an industry by co-founding OrderDog, an internet startup, later voted  
“One of the top 25 ideas that changed the [natural products] industry.” Five years 
later, its founders and investors earned significant profits through a strategic merger.

Darrin's unique understanding of how natural supplements support good health 
motivated him to further elevate the industry by founding LifeSeasons. A leading 
manufacturer of nutritional supplements that combine the wisdom of nature with the 
progress of science, LifeSeasons is a multi-million dollar company whose innovative 
formulas are sold throughout the world.

He helps change and save lives daily as Vice President of GEMS, a nonprofit that 
provides life-sustaining support for the millions of starving people in South Sudan.

And last but absolutely first, Darrin's wife and ten (not a typo) children change Darrin's 
game the most, in all the best ways.

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