Friday, March 16, 2018

Chick-fil-A Marketing Copy (sample 3)

Marketing Copy for Chick-fil-A's In-House Awards Publication
Winning Operator's 'Symbol of Success' Write-Up

writing job requirements/parameters
- operator interview, write copy, collaborate
with operator re: edits, operator approval before 
submission of final copy
- word counts: intro-53, q&a's-55 (each), winning ideas-29
- billing hours (approximate): 3-4
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Operator John Doe strongly recommends hiring a professional coach or doing graduate  
studies in executive leadership. The two years he spent earning his degree at the 
University were well worth his time, resulting in 50% growth at his Restaurant. John 
maintains, “There’s no way to do that organically.”

How do you best share Chick-fil-A’s Vision-Values?
Develop a Vision with a coach or mentor. Ours is stated in two sentences with four 
corresponding Values and printed on a 4’x8’ banner. We regularly discuss our Vision-
Values while coaching, teaching, mentoring, and disciplining. If your Leadership Team is 
aligned with the Vision, your Team Members will receives consistent messaging.

What steps are you taking to pursue business beyond the Restaurant?
These ideas are borrowed from Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. First, give your Team a 
perception of growth and progress by showing them a roadmap to success  Define how 
to get from here to there. Next, foster a community of connectedness within the store. 
Finally, share your Vision with everyone, everywhere.

Winning Idea

“Ask for help. You are the average of the five people you hang out with the most. If you’re 
the smartest within your circle, who’s bringing your average up?”

Winning Idea

“When your Team is happy to be at the Restaurant, the Values they emulate translate to 
the Community. Your Team naturally grows the business for you.”

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