Sunday, June 24, 2012

2012 Summer Writing Prompt #4: Most Awesome Book Reviews

I'm making two assumptions here.

1) Your kids are reading books over the summer

2) Your kids have opinions about the books they read

If these do not apply to you, skip this prompt.

Or better yet, give your kids and kick in the pants and a book or two to read.  Then you can re-visit this prompt in a week or so.

My incoming 4th grader took it upon herself to make a chart that rates the books that she has read.  Here's her rating system:

***** Most awesome
****   Pretty awesome
***     Pretty good
**       Not good
*         Really bad

I am going to suggest that she also leave room to write a review of sorts.  I'm thinking that short and sweet is best for the summer.  Dredging up book report memories from past school years -- that may or may not be positive -- would probably be counterproductive.

A reading incentive idea to link to the kids' book reviews is to make a goal of the number of books to read by the end of the summer, at which point the kids receive a reward of some kind.

Any kind of reward, of course, but since it's summer here's a visual to get your wheels turning:


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