Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2012 Summer Writing Prompt #2 - GO! (Top 10 Lists)

"Begin with the end
in mind."

With that fabulous advice in mind (i.e. dreaming, making goals.....) write AT LEAST ONE Top 10 List -- a few would be better.

Here some ideas to get your wheels turning:

  • Top 10 Places I Would Go this Summer if I Could Go Anywhere (and why I want to go)
  • Top 10 Things I Want to GET DONE this Summer
  • Top 10 Books I Want to Read this Summer
  • Top 10 People I Want to Spend Time with this Summer
  • Top 10 Things I Want to Learn More About this Summer
  • Top 10 Songs I Love

Once your lists are done, put a big star next to the ONE ITEM PER LIST that you want to do first.  

Start NOW getting them done.

It'll will probably be easier and faster than you might think.

It'll definitely be way more fun and interesting than you might think.

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