Monday, May 14, 2012

2012 Summer Writing Prompt #1 - Get Ready, Get Set...

Writing Prompt #1 is simply about GETTING READY.....

#1:  Buy the coolest writing stuff (notebook, pens, journal....) ever.  Let your kids help pick them out, decorate them, make them personal. Make them big enough so the kids can glue things like pics and brochures and leaves and sticks in them.  If you can afford it, spend a little more money than you are normally inclined to so your kids will know that this isn't a small deal.  It's huge.

#2:  Make and decorate (if you or your kids feel so inclined) a box dedicated to writing notebook supplies, i.e. markers, crayons, stencils, stickers, old digital cameras (am I the only one who has these?) or disposable cameras -- and anything else that fits the bill.

#3:  Set the summer writing expectation bar high.  Start talking about the fun things you have planned for this summer (if you don't have anything fun planned yet, here's a great incentive!) and how much more awesome they will be because they will be chronicling them in their notebooks.  So the fun can be re-visited and re-lived long after summer ends.

#4:  If you or any adult your kids know (grandparent, aunt or uncle, family friend) kept any sort of a journal or saved any stories from when you were kids, pull them out and read a few to your kids .  First off, it will remind your kids that old people were once young.  And secondly, it can give them a vision and help them get excited about embarking on this awesome summer adventure.......

#5:  I'm the bribe kind of mom (if you're not, skip this step).  Think of incentives and rewards and start talking about them NOW.  A few ideas:
  • Money.  A penny per word (which could get expensive), so much per sentence, page, whatever your budget might allow.
  • Treats
  • Outings
  • Hugs and kisses (some kids will be fine with yours, other kids will respond to Hershey's)
  • Any more ideas, send them my way & I'll post them
Adaptation for Pre-Teens & Teens:
In this case, you know your kids and whether or not they'd be tolerant of a decorated notebook.  I have one (and probably two) who I am 100% positive would be fairly intolerant of such nonsense.  Be creative -- maybe they'll be writing on the computer.  But at least set the expectations.......

Next Week:  
Summer Writing Prompt: #2 -   ...Go!  Where are you going and what are you doing this summer?  Time to make a Top 10 List and set some fun and some challenging goals.

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