Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Last call for favorite kid/teen book titles!

So I saw my friend Stephanie Yost in the library yesterday.  She mentioned that seeing updates to my blog or Facebook have reminded her that she hadn't yet sent me book titles for the list I'm compiling for my presentation at a reading conference (see web sidebar) next week.

The thought occurred to me that if Stephanie was still thinking about sending me some titles, a few of YOU might feel the same way. . . .

So, one last time.  YES, I'd love more titles!

In summary, I'm compiling a list BY MOMS FOR MOMS of their absolute favorite books for kids and teens.  Not just books you and your kids kinda like -- books you and your kids ABSOLUTELY ADORE.

I have a great list so far, but it could be even better.  If YOU haven't contributed, it's not complete!! 

BTW, Stephanie sent me a fabulous list today.  She's a true Rock Star.

Send a few titles my way and you'll make my Rock Star List too. 

Lucky, lucky you!!

I'll provide the final list (along with names of all the Rock Star Contributors!) once it's finished.

I'm leaving in 8 days and would love to wrap up this list by the end of this week.  You see, I have a shopping date this weekend with my 16-year-old daughter.  I desperately need help choosing something to wear to my presentation, and my fashion-ista daughter is just the person to help me.  A new outfit has been a long time coming for me -- but I need time to find one!!

Thanks and Cheers and Happy Book Title Picking!

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