Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Writing Prompts for Kids #3: Treasure Hunt

It's not an new idea by any stretch, but my teenage boy recently took it upon himself to create one for his little sister.  He was bored and spent inordinate amounts of time typing, printing out, and then "aging" each note to look as if it had been in the ground for decades (well, months at least). 

I found out not a moment too soon that his motivation was based on teenage boy prank mentality:  the "treasure" was going to be an aged note that said, "Sorry.  You're totally out of luck.  No treasure." 

I did what any reasonable mom would do - verbally strong-armed him into changing the treasure to a gift bath set he had to buy from me because he had nothing else to offer in terms of real treasure.

Back to creating the treasure hunt.  It's super fun for the kids to use their imaginations -- and writing skills -- during its creation.  Following in the footsteps of big brother, my 5-year-old son sat down at the kitchen table and made his own.  It, was awesome.

So get out the markers and paper and raise the flag, mateys!  There's treasure to be found!

Helpful Hint:  As a mom it's your job to know what's actually being buried -- make sure it's treasure material!!

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