Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Writing Prompts for Kids: #1 - About My Dad

By way of explanation:

For me, summer means shelving almost everything I manage to find time for during the school year in favor of keeping my kids happy, entertained, working hard, learning, and most especially from killing each other.  This is all in theory, of course. 

Plus I'd like to retain a teeny tiny bit of my own sanity & not be a raving lunatic crazy mom by the end of the summer.  Ok so that's a lot to ask but I can dream.

Because summer writing time for us moms is hard to come by, I'll be posting Summer Writing Prompts for Kids about once a week (give or take - I'm not making any definitive promises).  Hopefully these will be helpful and fun and kid-brain-boosting diversions as you navigate the Wonderful World of Summer with your kids!!


Have each of your children answer these questions (changed as needed to fit your circumstances) about their dads  - or grandpas or uncles or other great men in their lives.   This exercise proves eye-opening, downright hilarious, poignant, and makes the perfect Father's Day gift. 

1) Make sure they answer their questions alone so they won't be influenced by siblings' answers.
2) Bribe your eye-rolling teenagers into doing this.  The results may surprise you.  Or not, but at least they will have written something!

Hi.  My name is:
I am going to tell you about my dad.
His name is:
and he is ___________years old.
My dad's favorite foods are:
My dad's job is:
When he's at work, he:
My dad loves my mom because:
My dad's favorite thing to watch on TV is:
My dad loves to:

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