Friday, February 4, 2011

Mom, I Hope You Consider This

Yesterday, Rob (13) handed me an official-looking envelope addressed to me.  It even had a wax seal (we happen to own a Scentsy candle).  Keep in mind that this was the third day of no school due to a blanket of ice that covered everything.  Inside was a typed letter which read:

Dear Mom/Dad,

Hi please don't judge me on my spelling and stuff just read.  Today our community is faced with entertainment issues like what to do on a rainy day.  Well the answer is simple video games!  Now I know what your thinking right now video games are a waste of time and we already have a wii blah blah blah.  But like I said in my other presentation which you so rudely ignored I want games that don't cost 50 bucks each.  The games I'm talking about cost like $10 each.  And that is why you should let me buy a Playstation 1.  Now the key word is LET me buy one not you buy one but let me take care of all the expenses, and of course the rules apply like only a designated time on it each day.

Now as I close please don't say the following: "You don't need another video game." or "There's better technology than this."  or "NO!"  

Well I hope you consider this.


Your Son

What's a mom to do?


  1. That Rob sure is cute...

  2. That was well thought out. And he's refused to let you use any of your answers. Hmmm... might there be a lesson in responsibility here? Like if he really wanted a pet? I.e. he must feed it (do a chore), clean up after it (do a chore), etc. or it gets sick and goes to the hospital. Just and idea!

  3. That is awesome! Can't wait to hear what you do.

  4. Hey this wallpaper looks familiar... but how'd you get the pink part? I like it.

  5. My new philosophy with my children is: Think like and old person. What would they do? I love the wisdom and relaxed attitude older people show to children.